NABA is proud to announce to have been selected as the Best Italian Academy of Fine Arts according to the 2021 edition of QS World University Rankings® by Subject Art&Design. In the ranking NABA is among the only 3 Italian institutions, and the only Academy of Fine Arts, to appear in the world top 100 of the best universities in the field.

The QS World University Rankings® is the most accredited international ranking on universities providing authoritative comparative analysis sorted by quality on the performance of 1,452 universities, which can be found in 86 locations across the world, through 51 academic disciplines and five broad Faculty Areas.

For the Art&Design Subject this rigorous and independent analysis follows two criteria: the first and most influent one is the Academic Reputation that states through the QS Academic Survey, which are the most appreciated institutions in the global academic community, being the greatest survey on the opinions of the faculty members worldwide. The second criteria, the Employer Reputation, evaluates according to the hiring managers worldwide, which institutions are the training environments for the most talented and qualified graduates ready for the job market’s challenges.

This important recognition comes on the same year of the 40th anniversary of NABA’s foundation. “This relevant result was possible thanks to the contribution of the Academy’s faculty and everyone working within the two campus in Milan and Rome, and it motivates us to continue and work with the same commitment, renewing our passion to prove ourselves up to this result and keep it for the years to come, says Guido Tattoni, NABA Dean.