Career counseling

Evaluation Of Opportunities For Prospective Students

We evaluate each candidate options among the portfolio of programs from our associated schools and universities. Each student is contacted via Email, Phone call or WhatsApp messageWe don’t ask for sensitive data or charge any fee for the consultancy. Our goal is to enroll the student in our associated institutions after considering his or her best option depending on budget, skills and qualification and desire for a particular program.

Special Taylor-made Workshops

Orientation For students In The Different Fields Of Study.

We organize different workshop and seminars aiming to provide all the information about our associated schools and universities. We present the educational offer by topics, and our team of counselors spends time with the assistants discussing and debating the different options. All of our seminars and workshops are free of charge. We organize them by request from a particular group of students in a specific city or region, or we decide where to do it based on the different potential students for a particular field.

Students Advisory Services.

If needed, we orient and follow up students in the process of decision making for the professional future. We identify strengths, abilities and skills of their profile aiming to generate actions that allow young students to do a precise analysis of the proper future career path.

Hospitality Counseling Form

Art & Design Counseling Form

Educational Loans

*Valid only in Guatemala

Apply for your loan and start your studies with the advice of NSB Education

Term: up to 60 months (5 years) Interest rate: from 7% Disbursement fee: 2%

NSB is a company that represents higher education programs by prestigious institutions within the Sommet-Education and Galileo-Education groups. It has careers in the areas of Administration, Hospitality, Design and Art