This three-year program acknowledges the contemporary transformations that are blurring the traditional borders between fine art disciplines in favor of a project-driven perspective that attempts to connect art to a broader social context. The program reinterprets and expands a traditional academic approach to painting and visual arts. It includes instruction and experimentation with the full array of artistic techniques and media, encouraging students to conceive artistic works with the complete project in mind and with regard for the dynamics and values of contemporary art. Students are guided through experimentation with a variety of environments, techniques, and methods, which support them in developing an individual way of expressing themselves and their personal artistic path. The program was founded on the belief that the role of an artist is becoming more and more similar to that of a professional capable of playing various roles within contemporary aesthetic and social education, thereby carrying out functions that are connected with the worlds of production and communication. Besides creative skills, students are also encouraged to develop their skills with self-promotion and organization to gain easier access to the professional world.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates find employment as:

› Visual artists

› Illustrators

› Assistants curators

› Managers of cultural events

› Assistants film directors

› Filmmakers and videographers

› Cinematographers

› Sound designers

› Graphic designers

› Exhibition and set designers

› Video and audio editors

› Photography assistants


* Image Credits: Himalaya, Marcello Maloberti, Visual Arts Department teacher, 2012.