NABA Media Design and News Technologies Area and Triennale Milano are glad to present the second digital event of the initiative “Media Explosion. What it is like to be human today”, curated by Leonardo Caffo, philosopher and NABA lecturer, and Amos Bianchi, NABA Media Design and New Technologies Area Leader, as part of the online programme of Triennale Upside Down.

On 24th February at 6 pm the second Talk, involving Stefano Quintarelli, serial entrepreneur, former professor of IT systems, network and security services, will take place. The lecture will revolve around intangible economy, as opposed to material economy, and its being a product of technological innovation, drawing around us a world that has rapidly changed.  

A reflection on a new form of economy that producing, reproducing, archiving and sending information has a zero marginal cost, and therefore completely changes the rules of the game, having pervasive consequences in everyone’s life, from social relations to work, health and safety.

Stefano Quintarelli was an MP in the XVII government and a member of the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence of the European Commission, and the founder of I.NET, Italy’s first Internet Provider. He is president of the steering committee of the Digital Italy Agency, member of the steering Committee of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN), President of the Advisory Group on Advanced Technologies for Trade and Transport at UN/CEFACT and is in the Board of the Copernicani.

The events will be live-streamed on Zoom, and then posted on the website and the YouTube channel of Triennale and NABA. All meetings will be in English with simultaneous translation into Italian

Quintarelli’s lecture will be followed, on 10th March, by the interview to Canadian writer and poet Margaret Atwood and by Lev Manovich’s Talk that will take place on 24th March. 

Click Here to follow Stefano Quintarelli’s Talk, on 24th February at 6 pm.


Cover: Sarah Ciracì, Click, 2016. Courtesy artist and gallery IPERCUBO