The Master in Business Design program creates new connections between the worlds of business and design. Students will work on projects related to the business of design and the design of business. Enlightening and interdisciplinary, the program focuses on how to apply design culture, methodology and sensitivity to a wide range of businesses, including established enterprises, large, medium and small, and start-ups. Students will understand design-driven management strategies as they learn to draft plans for business development, branding, marketing, and communication for the whole company as well as for specific product lines and new ventures.

Career Opportunities:

Students who attend the Master in Business Design will take both educational paths that will take them to grow in a managerial career covering business roles of a specialized nature, such as Business Developer, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Design Director, as well as cross roles in Design Driven Companies, in advertising and marketing agencies, or in consulting and services companies.


* Image Credits: Eomo, Project by Josephine Visser, Josh Levent, Naz Kazazoglu, Purti Wakankar, Thomas Hanke in collaboration with Airbnb. Master in Business Design 2015